Published 10 months ago

MILEY Cyrus has pulled off a sensational performance, going undercover to busk on a New York City subway platform.

Appearing on The Tonight Show, the singer joined host Jimmy Fallon in going undercover to busk at a subway station under Rockefeller Center.

Wearing wigs, hats and sunglasses, the pair and their band set up on the platform and began performing a cover of Dolly Parton’s hit Jolene.

A crowd of people began to surround them and pull out their phones. Despite the disguise, Cyrus’ familiar voice was a giveaway.

By the time they finished the song, the platform had filled with people watching and the pair revealed all.

‘Thank you very much everybody! That was really fun! I’m Jimmy Fallon,” the host told the crowd as he ripped off his cowboy hat and sunglasses.

“This is Miley Cyrus!”

As the crowd went hysterical, the guitarist began to play again and Cyrus launched into an acoustic performance of her 2009 hit Party In The U.S.A.

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Published 10 months ago

The new gameplay trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has arrived, teasing the mind-bending new powers of everyone’s favorite plumber. Though Mario has never long been out of the spotlight for long, Odyssey has fans excited for a return to the mechanics of Super Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. While Mario and his friends often pop up in various titles, and the recent hit mobile game Super Mario Run brought back the character’s classic style, Odyssey will be a whole new affair. Like 64Sunshine, and Mario GalaxyOdyssey will involve an expansive, open-ended world and a whole host of new abilities for the hero.


Earlier this year, Nintendo released the first Super Mario Odyssey trailer, showing Mario heading to new worlds, including a version of our own. The reveal promised a trippy new game with tons of surprises and new ways to play. With E3 currently in full swing, developers are dropping trailers left and right for all the upcoming games that will be hitting consoles in the near future. We’ve seen new entries for Spider-ManStar Wars, and Marvel vs. Capcom, each expanding on hit games from the past and providing a new experience for users. Today, Nintendo have started unveiling its own offerings.

Nintendo has now released its E3 2017 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey online, teasing the gameplay and mechanics of the new adventure title. Not only does Mario visit a variety of new locales; we even see him transforming into his original 2D version during a side-scrolling level. The new gameplay also feels very reminiscent of Super Mario 64, though with some new additions. Teased in the first trailer, Mario will be equipped with a number of magical hats that he will wield like Captain America’s shield. More than just an offensive set of items, however, the hats will allow Mario to jump inside of his opponents and control them.


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Published 10 months ago

There's a remake of the beloved adventure game Shadow of the Colossus in the works.

At the Sony E3 2017 press conference, the company announced that a remake (or remastered version) of the beloved adventure game Shadow of the Colossus is in the works for PS4. It is scheduled for launch in early 2018.

It was announced with a beautiful gameplay trailer that shows just how far video game visuals have come since the PS2 era. The game appears from the video to have many of its graphical and performance hitches evened out, in addition to sporting quite the overhaul in appearance.

But everything you remember from the game is still there: colossi, exploration, Wander, and Argo the horse. But after you play this, I'm guessing that you won't be able to go back to the original. Sony didn't say anything else about the remake, so we don't know how extensive the changes are. But we'll be bringing you everything we learn in the upcoming days about the game. It's in development at Bluepoint Games, which previously worked on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

This isn't the first makeover that Shadow of the Colossus has received; an updated version was released on the PS3 back in 2011. You can follow along with the Sony press conference in our liveblog, and you can see everything from E3 2017 at our hub.


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Published 10 months ago

Ubisoft’s next entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Origins, will launch October 27th. The game was announced today at E3 2017 during Microsoft’s press conference.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will take place in ancient Egypt, confirmed Jean Guesdon, the game’s creative director. Origins will tell the story of one man, the last magi and protector of his community. “An Egyptian sheriff, if you like,” Guesdon said.

Footage of the game showed off Siwa, home of the game’s lead character. In addition to the usual sneaking and stabbing, players will be able to scout out the area by sending a pet bird soaring into the air, controlling the flight of an arrow, and collecting RPG-style loot from fallen enemies.

Rumors about the new game have been circling the web for some time. In May, an image of a character in a wooden sailboat, on a mission to go “assassinate the Crocodile” was posted to — and later deleted from — Reddit. The image was later corroborated by Eurogamer. Last week, a retailer leak teased more of the Egyptian setting.


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Published 11 months ago

If you are a soccer fan, you're undoubtedly familiar with the superhuman known as Neymar Jr. He's the star player for both Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, he's an Olympic gold medal winner and only 25 years old. His mission is to score the first-ever goal over Hollywood Blvd. and he attempts that terrifying shot from our roof.


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Deaf singer Mandy Harvey managed to earn the coveted golden buzzer from judge Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent, sending her straight into the semi-finals.

The 29-year-old singer revealed on the show how she battled gradual hearing loss, until she lost her hearing completely aged 18 in college and had to re-learn how to sing through vibrations.

On the show, Mandy performed an original song titled Try, which caused waves of applause from the audience and a standing ovation from judge Howie Mandel before she’d even wrapped up.

Once Mandy finished the song, Simon said, ‘I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this,’ before smashing the golden buzzer.


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Justin Timberlake during an intervieww on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 26, 2016 in New York City.

They can express it with looks, with hip-hop history lessons and now on a bicycle built for two. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s special bromance continues to blossom as the hirsute pair took to two wheels for a “bro biking” session.

The talkshow host apparently owns a tandem bike, a gift from his wife which only ever leaves the garage when Timberlake comes for visit. And that just happened. 

Fallon captured a snippet of the “action,” which starts at 2:40. Check it out below.


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James Corden has confirmed Ed Sheeran will be his next Carpool Karaoke passenger when he brings his hit chat show to the UK.

Corden, 38, is gearing up for a British Late Late Show and has recruited a host of A-list names to mark the occasion.

David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Russell Brand, Jennifer Hudson and Kit Harington will join the chat show host for three special episodes next week.

Harry Styles and Kings of Leon are also on board to provide the musical entertainment.

Sheeran will no doubt challenge Adele for the title of ‘Most Watched Carpool Karaoke’ when he joins Corden for a sing-along. 

Sheeran will follow in the footsteps of Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, One Direction and Michelle Obama.

Speaking previously about the British spin-off, Corden said he wants to make it “memorable” for his UK fans.

“To bring The Late Late Show to the UK is a dream come true for me,” he said. “I'm incredibly proud of the show and we're going to do our best to make this week in London memorable.”

The three special episodes will screen 7-9 June at 10pm on Sky 1 and NOW TV, before airing a few hours later on Corden's American home of CBS.


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Nationals slugger Bryce Harper and San Francisco reliever Hunter Strickland both landed punches to the head during a wild brawl that erupted Monday after a hit by pitch.

Harper was hit in the right hip by Strickland's 98 mph in the eighth inning with Washington ahead 2-0.

Harper pointed the bat toward Strickland, charged the mound and fired his batting helmet wide of the pitcher. They started to swing away and they each connected as the benches and bullpens emptied.

At least two Giants players forcefully dragged Strickland from the middle of the brawl all the way into the dugout. Harper and Strickland were both ejected.

In the 2014 NL Division Series, Harper hit two home runs off Strickland. After the star's second shot, in Game 4, he stared at Strickland as he rounded the bases.


Source: 6abc

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Hollywood’s Brad Pitt and India’s Shah Rukh Khan, two of the biggest global superstars have shared their film experiences in a special interview hosted by Rajeev Masand. Shah Rukh Khan who began his career with Deewana movie has revealed certain incidents which became memorable. SRK has also raised the craze of Baahubali movie on the occasion. Brad Pitt too has highlighted how his acting career took shape. They were later joined by Australian-born director David Michod who helms Pitt’s new film ‘War Machine’ which was bankrolled by and will stream on Netflix.


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