Super Mario Odyssey E3 Trailer & Gameplay Preview

Published 10 months ago

The new gameplay trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has arrived, teasing the mind-bending new powers of everyone’s favorite plumber. Though Mario has never long been out of the spotlight for long, Odyssey has fans excited for a return to the mechanics of Super Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. While Mario and his friends often pop up in various titles, and the recent hit mobile game Super Mario Run brought back the character’s classic style, Odyssey will be a whole new affair. Like 64Sunshine, and Mario GalaxyOdyssey will involve an expansive, open-ended world and a whole host of new abilities for the hero.


Earlier this year, Nintendo released the first Super Mario Odyssey trailer, showing Mario heading to new worlds, including a version of our own. The reveal promised a trippy new game with tons of surprises and new ways to play. With E3 currently in full swing, developers are dropping trailers left and right for all the upcoming games that will be hitting consoles in the near future. We’ve seen new entries for Spider-ManStar Wars, and Marvel vs. Capcom, each expanding on hit games from the past and providing a new experience for users. Today, Nintendo have started unveiling its own offerings.

Nintendo has now released its E3 2017 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey online, teasing the gameplay and mechanics of the new adventure title. Not only does Mario visit a variety of new locales; we even see him transforming into his original 2D version during a side-scrolling level. The new gameplay also feels very reminiscent of Super Mario 64, though with some new additions. Teased in the first trailer, Mario will be equipped with a number of magical hats that he will wield like Captain America’s shield. More than just an offensive set of items, however, the hats will allow Mario to jump inside of his opponents and control them.


Source: screenrant