Founded in 2005, Reddit has since lived up to its self-proclaimed status as “the front page of the internet.” Its communities — or subreddits — center around even the most absurd and obscure subjects. Reddit is a one-stop-shop for the best the internet has to offer. Subreddits are many things, including forums and social networks. But above all, they are content aggregators — places where people can share what they find elsewhere on the internet. /r/Documentaries, then, is a subreddit where Redditors share their favorite documentaries. In the old days of Reddit, site administrators assembled a list of default subreddits. These default subreddits made up the front page of every new Reddit user. As one of these default subreddits, /r/Documentaries gained a huge following. The default subreddit system no longer exists, but the effects of this early exposure remain strong. It is only thanks to the work of an active moderator team that the subreddit stays as high-quality as it always has. With 15.6 million subscribers, making it the 34th largest subreddit, this is no small task.